The journal of an average reader – Epilogue

     It’s been four days since I ended my “reading week”, and even if I wanted to write the epilogue right after it finished, in the end, I preferred to let some days pass and see the effects that it had on me, and I have to say that a week of reading can change many things. In these seven days, I went through a big variation of books written in very different historical and political situations that somehow came together as one. We talked about war, love, disappointment, greed, tragedy, etc. This week only helped me to make a big step further in something that I understand every day more. It’s exactly what Socrates said: ἓν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα – I know that I know nothing. The more I read, the more I realize how limited my knowledge can be, and that I know nothing. I find interesting how in the past years I thought that I knew something and that I didn’t need to read that much, but when I decided”OK, let’s read and know more”, all that myth fell down: I knew nothing and every read page is a step closer to the Socratic idea.

    The benefits of this special reading week could be felt right away. Without even realizing I created a reading routine in my everyday life, which I consider so healthy, especially now at the beginning of the summer, when the everyday routine is heavily altered and sometimes takes long weeks to put together. I feel the need to read more and more, and this need cuts some hours of my sleep as during the day I am working hard on a Romanian translation of the first book of Herodotus (my first work as a classical philologist), which I hope that in the near future I will publish. I also became more eager to write here on my blog, which in the following days and weeks I will do as often as I can. I have some interesting subjects to talk about. What I found really interesting and helpful was the fact of writing at the end of every day a short summary of what I read. This really made me pay more attention at what I was reading, taking notes every now and then of things I found interesting to talk about.

     Do I recommend a week of reading? Absolutely yes, if you have the time to do it.


All the books I had in my hands this week




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3 responses to “The journal of an average reader – Epilogue

  1. ciprideac

    Daca noi nu semanam, atunci nu stiu. Am facut ieri o poza asemanatoare, fara sa o vad pe asta, si am pus-o pe facebook. Asta ii una. A doua ii ca, trebe sa ma duc la Thomas si sa-mi faca ce ti-o facut tie anul trecut.

  2. Cami

    Heii Denis 🙂
    Vad ca prima carte ii a lui Dosto. Care-i in concret? Eu nu de mult am inceput “Crima si pedeapsa”. 😄

    • denisplesa

      “Cuentos” – o colecție de povestiri scurte. Sunt ca niste bomboane după ce i-ai terminat toate romanele.

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