The journal of an average reader (intro)

A little bit more than a week ago an idea popped into my head. I was writing the last lines of my bachelor thesis and I realized how much I had to give up at the everyday literature and focus on my research. While I was surrounded by epigraphic evidence from Ephesus related to the subject I was researching, deep inside I was missing all those Dostoievskian ideas, Homeric heroes, and Shakespearean dramatis personae. I promised myself that as soon as I will hand in my thesis, I will go back to them, but in a special way. So I decided to have a special week of reading all kind of literature and see how much can an average reader do in 7 days of complete dedication to books. I am not a fast reader, but a very normal one, even slow, some could probably say. The pace of my reading will vary very much as the reading will be done in all the languages I know (of course I won’t read as fast in Ancient Greek as I will read in Romanian, or Spanish). Therefore, it’s going to a be balanced rhythm. The kind of literature will also vary a lot. I will go from the ancient world to contemporary literature. The point of this is to drop everything else I would do and grab a book instead. At the end of each day, I will write a short entry about how that it went, what did I read and how many pages. I hope this will be as interesting for you as it will be for me.


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